Flute Recital Recordings
1950 - 1960

2 CD Set

Tomasi Concerto en Mi
Prokofiev Sonata in D
Telemann Suite in A Minor
Ibert Concerto
Delmas Incantation and Dance
Handel Sonata
Piston Allegro
Hindemith Sonate

Although he never became well known outside the central Illinois area where he lived, Carl Petkoff (1925(1985) was a remarkable flutist. Fortunately, these recordings remain as a testament to his artistry. They were made of recitals he gave while he was on the faculty at Illinois Wesleyan University School of Music from 1950 to 1964.

Mr. Petkoff was a native of Ohio and received his bachelor's degree from the Cincinnati Conservatory as a student of Alfred Fenboque. He also served in the Great Lakes Naval Band and Orchestra during World War II, and played in the Cincinnati Symphony under Thor Johnson before he acquired a form of epilepsy which confined him primarily to a career of teaching and giving recitals that began with a master's fellowship at Illinois Wesleyan. His students felt he was unique in his ability to connect them with the core of feeling in a piece, which was also the most striking aspect of his own playing (along with a wonderful, velvet sound, wide dynamic range, great power of articulation, and a subtly produced vibrato that he varied with superb finesse and taste in service of that core feeling).

These selections were taken from copies made in 1969 of the original reel-to-reel recital tapes, and were then re-mastered in 2001 to eliminate as much as possible the surface noise caused by the older recording equipment. The final movements of the Prokofiev sonata and the Ibert concerto are not complete, but enough remains of the beginning of each to give a clear sense of Mr. Petkoff's full rendering of them. The whole collection should establish his place among the top flutists of our time.

Joe Armstrong, Boston, 2001


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